Virtual Workforce Strategy for Executives



With the right policies and strategies in place, virtual work can help organizations save money, improve productivity and access a global talent pool. Yet failed implementations have led some organizations to avoid or limit virtual work, citing issues with accountability and engagement. How can you, as a leader, create an environment where everyone feels like part of their organization and contributes their best — whether from across the hall or around the world?   

In this session, we will examine the factors that differentiate organizations who successfully integrate virtual workers from those who struggle, and the role of leadership in developing an effective virtual (or partly virtual) organization. We will discuss the challenges of managing and developing virtual talent, creating and sustaining a culture with a virtual workforce, establishing virtual work policies that support productivity, and the technology investments that are key to your virtual organization’s success.


Online Webinar


per participant

2.5 hr. Webinar

(mimum 4 participants, limit 12)

In-Person Presentation


per participant

4-hour In-Person Session

(minimum 6 participants, limit 12)

Large Groups

Contact for Pricing

Prices do not include travel costs to client site.  NGO/Nonprofit discounts available.


Topics Covered

  • Creating and Sustaining a Strong Culture in a Virtual Workforce

  • Developing Effective Virtual Work Policies and Processes

  • Talent Acquisition and Development in a Virtual Workforce

  • Technology Investments for Virtual and Hybrid Organizations

  • Communication, Collaboration and Change Management in a Virtual Workforce


In-person or online instructor-led workshop