Sonata Digital helps clients get more from Google Workspace, Slack, Airtable and other leading tools.
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Google Workspace

Google Workspace is the gold standard for web-based document authoring, spreadsheets, and presentation tools. By allowing multiple people to edit a document simultaneously, Google’s apps support faster and more effective collaboration, without the delays and version control headaches that come from emailing desktop files back and forth. And when you factor in Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, Meet and Forms, it adds up to a highly robust, turnkey digital productivity solution for your team.

Sonata Digital can help you take advantage of all the tools in Google Workspace, from initial setup to user training and integration with outside apps. And while Microsoft 365 may offer certain advantages at scale, Google Workspace remains our #1 recommendation for most small to midsize organizations (particularly when combined with Slack and Airtable).

Google Workspace


Slack revolutionizes the way people communicate at work, replacing email with real-time chat conversations organized by project, topic, department, office, etc.  

Sonata Digital will set up your Slack workspace in a way that best supports your organization’s workflows, then train your team to take full advantage of the platform’s features.  We can also help integrate Slack with your other web apps (Google, Salesforce, Dropbox, Asana, etc.), and install add-ons to automate anything from status reports, to-do lists, and more.


Airtable combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the structure of a database to create a tailor-made solution perfect for moderately complex data management tasks.

  • Need a lightweight CRM tailored to your exact sales process?
  • Want a simple way to track project hours for a small team?
  • Need a place to bring together data from all your other cloud apps (Survey Monkey, Google Forms, Zoom, etc.)?
  • Want to prototype a custom database app before you commit to building?

Sonata Digital has helped build Airtable solutions for all of these use cases. And, if it seems like a good match for your needs, we can help with every aspect of an Airtable implementation, from design to build, to ongoing support and training.